Simon Jones

Operations Manager
Simon Jones

Simon has extensive experience of business operations management. He joined FWD in 2005 as a Public Relations executive and gained invaluable experience in Public Relations administration. 

As FWD has grown, Simon has taken on greater responsibilities and is now the Operations Manager for the whole of the FWD Group. His responsibilities include the company’s I.T. , administration and office procedures, but most of all just trying to ensure that the office runs smoothly. 

Simon has been able to identify and implement improvements within our existing processes and establish new procedures to make sure the office runs efficiently. He has set up internal systems which have allowed the agency to reduce the time they spend on administrative tasks by putting in place a system that allows for efficient time tracking for all consultant client work.  He has also discovered a particular thrill in reducing inefficiencies and cutting costs. 

Before joining FWD, Simon had spent over 20 years as an administrator with a variety of companies and public bodies. During his time with Lewisham Council, he was nominated for a Lewisham Pride Award and was a winner of a Lewisham Excellence Award.


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